Dragon Rage Esports Recruiting and Try Outs

Hello Fellow Summoners the new ranked Team Dragon Rage Esports it Recruiting. This Team will be a highly ranked (Gold-Diamond) Ranked 5's team Our Team will have schedule practices, and will be completing in tournaments. Also the team will use snapchat or Facebook Messenger to make sure every one will be able to make tournaments and Practices. This Team will not be a team to fool around on yes we will still have fun because we all love League but we should always act serious in our ranked 5's game and scrims. This team will also be receiving a coach SOON, to make sure this team progress and you as a player will able to progress. If you feel like you have what it takes to be on Dragon Rage Esports please Fill out the Form Below, Players will not be accepted with out filling out form! IGN: Rank(needs to be Gold+): Role(need Top,Adc,Jungle,support): Top 5 Champs to your role: Your Na.op.gg info link: How Long you have played League: Age(16+): Strengths: Weakness: Team Player?: Willing to accept Criticism from Coaches and Players and learn not be frustrated(yes or no): Why you want to join Team: Will You Participate In tournament: Mic (Team will be using CV): After Filling out Forum Just sit tight for a minute and I will add you if I wish to Try you out. You may Add me if you have any questions. Good Luck on the Rift Summoners ~New Faker (Team Captain For Dragon Rage Esports).
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