"Nightfall Gaming" looking to build a strong community of Gamers!

Greetings and Salutations to everyone in the gaming community! My name is Gideon I am currently in the process of starting a gaming discord to build friends in a 18 + preferred environment for people that really enjoy having fun, meeting new people, playing tactical games and so forth. The name of my gaming community on discord is called “Nightfall Gaming” . The games that I and some of my friends currently play are listed as following. -Path Of Exile -Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) -Overwatch -Smite -World of Warcraft -League of Legends -Paragon -Rust -Battlerite -Want more slots for more games, I am fine with it. Not in any particulate order, but I personally as a leader to this community Like paragon, overwatch, pubg all on the same level of interest and I watch all the world events for league of legends and have roughly 400 ish hours on rust and about 300 on pubg , I will currently be getting back into league soon, but I feel that I want the next main update to come out before I go hard back on it , I got to Silver 2. So friends if you would like to come make new friends and work on building this community up, come on in and fill it up, I mainly made this discord because I got tired of peoples bullshit drama in other discord , People will not be harassed in this discord , I get raging but belittling someone or sexually advancing on women in this community will get you kicked out immediately. We are small but we will grow, I will be posting this all over the place! Come pop in and say hi! Discord Instant Invite Link: https://discord.gg/M4hQc6U Personal Contact: nightfallgaming2017@yahoo.com Email me with any questions, comment,concerns! Thanks for your time! ~Gideon Ps: some of my favorite champions are listed here{{champion:245}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:33}}{{champion:107}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:83}} I haven't played all of these champions, but you are more then welcome to teach me, I am very much so willing to learn , if I learned better habits and how to be better I would play it more often, I quit playing right before Ivern came out.
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