Cut-Edge Gaming LF Jungle & Top Subs/Starter

We're a tourny/clash to be team. All players individually on the team have been playing together for some time and we have a very laid back fun experience when playing. Looking for Junglers that can fit the following: * Constructive criticism * Peak rank being between G4+ * Discord * Availability of M-F 10 pm est * Listens to calls immediately - shotcalls are meaningless if having to be repeated 3 times and the call is useless by the time you get there. * Team player * Willingness to experiment with unconventional and unique strategies Disclaimer: We currently have a Jungler on our team. However, the players availability has been extremely limited due to conflicting work schedules so we're in need of another Jungler for practices or to keep as an emergency for tournaments when we play at that level. Add me if you're interested in filling in and trying out tonight. Starting soon.
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