Flex Team tryouts for Next Season

TEAM NAME NOT DECIDED, WILL BE VOTED BY THE FINAL ROSTER -The roster at the start of Season 8- Requirements: Level 30, No Rank Required, Mic. We will be looking for a Full Main roster and a Full Sub Roster Friend requests will not be accepted until you join this discord server and change your nickname to your summoner name. https://discord.gg/yQ8Tgn5 Questions answers should be sent to me in PMs. Questions you will need to answer: 1. Main Role. 2. Sub Role. 3. 3 Best Champions of each role currently in your opinion. 4. Availability 5. Overall Play-style How tryouts will work: I will grab 4 random players that fit certain roles, and play 3 Normal games in coms with them in set roles, you will be judged on that role, and will get TWO chances at tryouts, one for your main role, one for your second role. Things you will be judged on: CS, KDA (Very Slightly), Positioning, Shot-Calling, Toxicity (Lower is better) Tips: 1. Don't be toxic in voice chat, toxicity is an almost guaranteed fail 2. POINT OUT MISTAKES, But do so in a nice way, preferably after the game. 3. Don't play troll champions, play champions you know you can play, these tryouts are only played in normals to reduce stress and build synergy. 4. Be consistent, consistency is very important, we don't want you going 10/0 some games, and 0/10 the others. 5. Don't get upset if you get a sub role at the start of the season, availability may have a lot to do with role selections. 6. Be very in depth about your play-style. MY QUESTION ANSWERS: 1. Jungle 2. Support 3. Top: Cho'Gath, Jarvan, Camille. Jungle: Sejuani, Rammus, Gragas. Mid: Syndra, Orianna, Cassiopeia (Mid champs are very close right now) ADC: Tristana, Twitch, Kog'Maw. Support: Janna, Rakan, Alistar (Third was a difficult choice) 4. GENERALLY (I say generally because my job times are not set): 10AM-12PM CST Every Day with the exception of EVERY OTHER WEEKEND STARTING FROM 9/30, 10/1 Onwards. 5. I have no real set play-style in the Jungle, I have a very large champion pool, Current 3 Junglers: Rammus, Zac, Hecarim. For support I can play aggressive or passive, though I'm a more aggressive passive support player, my current 3 supports are; Janna, Rakan, Xerath (Xerath is pocket pick, only going to use him if AD Feels comfortable), other then that, Zilean.

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