LFT Guilty Esports Team Recruitment

Guilty Esports is Multi Platform organization and is looking to start a Competitive League of Legends team. We are looking to start a new roster from the ground up. We are looking to have a team of 5 with 2 for substitution. Requirements: Level 30 account Must have at least 18 Champions (Free Champions count) Can be ranked or unranked Must be at least the age of 18 or 17 but must have a discussion with Organization leader and parents. Must be willing to make 95% of practices or have valid excuse. Be able to Skype or have some form of communication during practices. How to apply: Name Age Level Rank Position 2nd position Location Skype Name Best time to contact All applications will be reviewed and tryouts will be held when enough have applied but the application process will remain open until otherwise specified. -GE Raptor

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