The Monsters Association Official Ranked team LF Coach!

The McHuge Monsters Association
A little preview of us and what we're all about! Song : Flight, by Teminite : Watch us live: please check the website: Visit us on our TeamSpeak server: The McHuge Monsters Association is a gaming community built around Nerdmonsters of all shapes, sizes, colors, nationalities, etc etc etc propaganda and stuff! We're a gaming community. I've arranged an official ranked team to represent us, as the owner of the community I will be the manager. But I would like to find a high diamond / master / challenger player that would like to coach for us! We're currently 3-0. We have a MWF 6pm EST practice schedule. I broadcast all of our practices on my twitch channel, and I would like the coach to be available to broadcast with me and give a VERY VERY biased commentation. Then be mean to them in post game chat. :D Just kidding. If you're interested add me on league, you can see my name there, and let's talk about it! [The Monsters Twitch channel]( [The Monsters Facebook page]( [The Monsters twitter](
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