Positive-minded, Talented, Sexy, Hilarious, and Humble Gold Jungle Main LF Duo, or pals for norms

IGN: Catsnake Heya. I'm Conor. The title was there as an attention-grabber, but if you're reading this I guess it worked! Anyways, I'm a jungle main, but have been playing since before the launch of Season 1. I've consistently gotten to Gold 5 for the skin, then went back to normals, but this season I wanna keep climbing! I'm looking for a duo partner who feels comfortable in multiple roles, since duos rarely both get the position they wanna play. That said, my strong points are Jungle, Top, ADC, and Support. I'm pretty weak as a mid-laner, as the champs I enjoy and play well in that role are pretty out-of-meta at the moment. Basically, hit me up if you're the following: -Optimistic: Don't throw in the towel when we're 4 kills behind. -Realistic: Okay, we're 20 kills, 3 dragons, and 7 towers behind, and our ADC has 23 CS. I think we can call this one. -Pleasant: No raging at our team, especially not to each other. We're in this together, bucko. -Outspoken: If I'm jungle and you're mid, let's work on ganks. If I'm supporting your ADC, let me know if I'm being to aggressive or too passive for your playstyle! Also, we're here to have fun. Doesn't have to be all business. It's a game! -Diverse: Play at least 2 roles, preferably more, and have a handful of different champs for different situations. I main the Mucus with Muscle {{champion:154}} , Ron Burgundy The Anchorman {{champion:111}} , Catsnake {{champion:421}} , Vi Tyson {{champion:254}} , SWIFT AS A COURSING RIVER {{champion:5}} , Imagine if I had a REAL duo partner {{champion:24}} , and Professor J.T. Dogbonez {{champion:19}} when I jungle. ADCs: {{champion:222}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:15}} Tops: {{champion:62}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:14}} Supports: {{champion:111}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:37}} Mids: {{champion:103}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:161}} So hit me up! IGN: Catsnake

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