[LFM] Antiquity [Semi-Daily] Ranked 5s & Dynamic team looking for: Top, Mid, ADC, Support {Silver+}

Antiquity is a brand new team that will be hyper active, this is a serious team who's personal goals are to improve, learn, & attempt to play at a higher level. Our Goal as a team, and eventually a managed team network is to focus on consistent play, frequent discussion & quality leadership along with consistent meetings held multiple times a week. If you're looking for a quality project to invest time into or a team that will be hyper active, look no further. _____________________________________________________________ #Requirements to join? Simple! * Have a mic (and use it) - Critical to success * Have the patience to review mistakes in replays & discuss them, a big loss isn't the moment to leave in anger, its for everyone to relax, sit down and talk about it, with a team leader filtering the conversation to make sure it isn't toxic. * Curse - Our primary voice comm system, this is not debatable. * Willingness to listen to others, if you cannot appropriately take others input please realize your time on the team will be short. * We all tilt, toxic behaivor is expected, if you act up too frequently to the point where the team feels you're eroding our foundation, you'll be removed. * 18+(16 Minimum) Is requested, not a requirement. We prefer a semi-mature atmosphere. _____________________________________________________________ #How do I join? Simple! Post these 4 things and add the thread owner, you'll be added to a normal game and tried out. Peak Rank(& Season): Role(s): Main Champion(s): Time schedule(timezone): ______________________________________________________________
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