Lanes Initiative eSports Looking for Coach

Lanes Initiative eSports is a brand-new organization with a community in Paladins and now branching out into League. We already have a team of 5 dedicated players, and are now looking for a head coach and/or analyst to help us develop as both individuals and as a team. Our team is looking for someone capable of coaching at a platinum or diamond level through both scrims and tournaments. As a coach applicants must be willing to dedicate the time, effort and patience necessary to work with a team who haven't been together long. They must also have significant game knowledge, be familiar with the meta and comfortable putting together team comps. Finally, they must have the ability to analyze play and provide constructive criticism in all positions, as well as help us with communication and teamplay. Ability to record games is also highly desired. Friendly, Mature and Professional Attitude is also highly desired. Responsibilities include meeting with us before and during practice to provide input on our play, review vod's when necessary, and help with composition and gameplay during tournaments. Please Leave your Information below if interested, and we will contact you. Thank you for your time in reading this post. -Inverted 8 (Lanes Initiative ADC)
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