Looking to create team for dynamic que / ranked 5s. [Bronze - Gold]

I'm looking to create a team for season 6. To play in both dynamic que and ranked 5s. **Positions needed:** Top Support Mid Jungle ** What I'm looking for in this team, in no particular order.** 1. People with good attitudes and are going to treat each other well. Whether someone is doing great, or doing awful, we're all people playing a game, if you can't have a good attitude you'll be removed. 2. Players who main the role they are applying for. It's the beginning of a new season, so if you're changing your main or whatever that's fine, but I want people who are going to stick to one role, not who are going to want to switch after a couple of losses. 3. Players who are available to play multiple times a week, and make a good effort to be ready to play with the team. 4. People who are going to practice in solo que in their free time if we're not playing as a team. 5. Players who can listen to criticism, and who can give constructive criticism. If you want to give out criticism this is fine, but be prepared to explain your point of view when you do it, don't just expect everyone to take your word as right. 6. Players who can lose lane, or lose a team fight, or lose games without getting discouraged. We will lose a lot of games, especially with not knowing each other. If you are not okay with this then don't apply. 7. Players who do not blame their team mates, and instead look at what they could have done better during the game. 8. I'm looking for people who have a good attitude, good outlook, and want to get better. I do not care if you're not amazing, as long as you are a good team mate, and have the will to get better. 9. I do not want people who have a bad attitude, or who are going to put down team mates. I don't care if you're gods gift to league of legends, you're never going to be good enough to put down other human beings about a game. **Application - I'll try to keep it simple-ish while still getting the information I think is important.** Summoner Name: Age: Position(Pick One): Top 5 champions: Do you have a headset: When are you available to play: What is your biggest strength as a player: What is your biggest weakness: If you were an animal, what animal would you be: (Give a short reason why) **Thanks for reading my topic, feel free to contact me, if you add me and just wanna ask questions that's fine, but, if you haven't filled out the application then you won't be picked.** [Decided to fill out my application for an example.] * Summoner Name: Hired Gun * Age: 24 * Position(Pick One): ADC * Top 5 champions: {{champion:21}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:29}} * Do you have a headset: Yes * When are you available to play: Anytime during the day, I prefer afternoons or evenings EST * What is your biggest strength as a player: My biggest strength is my experience in the ADC role. I played over 900 ADC games last season just counting ranked, and have been playing ADC as a main for 2 years now. I know in most match ups what to look out for, when champions hit their power spike, who i can fight and likely win the trade, etc. * What is your biggest weakness: I have 2, first one is that I am not a shot caller, I do not like having this burden on my shoulders I like to focus on my personal play. Secondly is not paying attention to my CS whenever I'm very far ahead, some games where were winning hard and just fighting over and over i let my cs slip to dangerous levels, I'm very strongly working on this. * If you were an animal, what animal would you be: (Give a short reason why) I'd be a chameleon, because chameleons are the tattoo clients of the animal world, they can make themselves look however they want. How cool would it be to be able to change your tattoos at will? cool as fuck.
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