S1 Main Mid/Top/Support Available Most Afternoons! (US Team/Players Only PLS)

Hello. I am currently looking to try out being a part of a good LASTING team. I once ran a decently successful team about a year ago so I have experience leading and generally just being part of a team. I am not entirely interested in leading again, however I am perfectly fine with following someone else's lead. I am a super laid back, chill kind of guy. I rarely rage but I always keep it to my self and I have never ever thrown a game because of it. I am a stay at home father so I am mostly free every afternoon usually between 1pm-8:30pm (Central Time) and I can sometimes play later as well. I mostly main Morgana. I can play her just about anywhere effectively but I mostly play Mid or Top. I have been playing a ton of Morg top lately which got me from S5 to S1 and just today I have been 1LP away from gold TWICE but got screwed over once by our fed pantheon rage quitting for no other reason than to piss off our Irelia and another team that wouldn't stop fighting with each other... Anyways, I can also play just about any other champions, mostly mages though. I own almost all the champion, just 14 more to go. I can also support pretty well too as I mained support for almost all of last year. Though I really prefer to play a solo lane. Well that's it I suppose, you can ask me more by adding me. I can promise you can't go wrong with me and if we just don't click personality wise we can go our own way. :) Chat services I use: Curse, Steam, TeamSpeak. Won't use anything else.

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