LFG/LFM - Looking for volunteers to run some experiments (potential for permanent spots)

What I'm looking for is a bit out of the ordinary, and my requirements are a bit stringent, so if any of this suggests that you want no part of it, then just keep walking; if you're game to try some things you may not have previously thought of, then go ahead and read my requirements: 1. Minimum of four, maximum of eight volunteers will be taken. Decision to accept will be made by me; consultation of others may or may not happen. 2. Understand that your position is temporary, and can be severed at my discretion. Potential to become permanent position is available. 3. Understand that I am the first and final Captain of this "team", but am also looking for "Lieutenants" to also be co-shot-callers. 4. Must be able and willing to play ALL roles comfortably; order of role preference should be included in application, as well as champion specializations. 5. Ranked tier need not apply, as I find actions to speak the loudest. Be prepared to display your abilities live. 6. Must be prepared to follow all shot calls, regardless of what you think of them as an individual. Must be willing to use TS3/Curse Voice/Skype (download, if you don't have them). Which one we use can be negotiated, but we MUST all use the same one. 7. Must be able to play on a regular and predictable schedule, without unexpected deviations being common. Advanced notice of absences are expected to be given. 8. Must not have the mindset of surrendering. We do not surrender. We do not troll. We learn from fighting uphill battles. 9. Must not have been punished by the Tribunal or had your account suspended by Riot for any reason in the last 365 days. If this happens during your membership with us, you will be kicked instantly. 10. Must be prepared to try things that may not be meta. Must know the difference between a good break and a bad break from the meta. 11. Must be at least level 30 and be able to adapt to other players quickly. 12. Must be either a fast learner, a hard worker, or both. 13. Must be able to show good warding habits and map awareness. 14. Must not play with the "team" while intoxicated or high. 15. Must be of a tolerable personality to other members. Number of warnings is limited to one before removal becomes necessary. 16. Must be willing to take coaching, as well as provide it. Must form and receive coaching in constructive phrases to avoid having negative effects. 17. Expect temporary membership to last for at least one month with no guarantee of permanent membership afterward. 18. Teamwork is valued more highly than individual skill here. If you're a master-level player with no sense of team, you won't last long with us. 19. If you make it through temporary membership and enter into permanent membership, you'll not only gain equal say in who gets to become members of the team, but I'll also get you a skin of your choice (from the in-game shop) as a graduation present. 20. This will eventually evolve into a permanent team of 5-9 players, and we will work on our teamwork for at least one full season before playing any ranked games together. If that didn't turn you away, I'm probably already impressed and you should go ahead and apply. Make sure to include in-game name, role preferences (from most to least), specialist champions (and the role you use them in), schedule of availability (time zone included), live spectation from me as you play three games using any of your specialist champions, willingness to use voice chat, reason why you should be accepted, what you can offer to teach and what you need to learn, and whether you fancy yourself as more of a shot-caller or a shot-taker. **Example:** WNxSakido ADC - Graves/Jinx/Caitlyn/Ashe Mid - Fizz/Karthus/Akali/Malzahar Support - Morgana/Sona/Nautilus/Xerath Jungle - Nautilus/Xin Zhao/Warwick/Akali Top - Fizz/Kayle/Darius/Jax Best 5 - Fizz/Graves/Morgana/Kayle/Nautilus Sun - N/A Mon-Fri - 10PM-1AM MST Sat - 9PM-2AM MST Perfectly willing to be spectated Have TS3, Curse, and Skype, willing to use any. TS3 preferred. Should be accepted because I play consistently regardless of the situation, work well with teammates, and have a deep understanding of game mechanics. Quick to make friends, slow to get annoyed, and I take every game seriously. In particular, I can play any ADC and carry hard, and can handle 1v2 lanes very well. I like to think outside the box, but in intuitive ways that work. I have a near-perfect understanding of item theory, and can craft a build for any situation in a heartbeat. In one word, I would describe myself as: patient. I can offer to teach the styles of ADC and assassins to anyone willing to learn, and could really use some improvement under the categories of counter-jungling and getting teammates fed. I consider myself to be more of a shot-caller.
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