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Up For Promotion is a fives team seeking to play in online tournaments, increase our solo quality of play, as well as climb the ranked fives ladder as we enjoy the team orientation of the game. We practice Flex 6+ hours weekly. What we want: Player(s) who are a student of the game. We will only consider those who are dedicated to improvement and dedicate hours to practicing. It is inevitable that players will be of differing skill levels. Those lacking will be held to a standard of improvement before being replaced. Granted it doesn&#039;t work out we will bid our farewell and wish you on your marry way. Those whom possess more skill will be expected to exercise patience and help to those requesting it. Practice: Mondays and Fridays: 7:00 pm EST. Practice lasts until 11:00pm EST and then we review our night with a recap. Desired Personality Traits: Non toxic, Able to communicate effectively. Availability. Be on daily. Play an amount in which you are always prepared. Practice. Attend team practice. Group with teammates. Practice specific things that you need to improve on consistently. Voice. Always use voice. Respond to constructive criticism with tangible improvement. If you&#039;re interested fill out the following application, then add and send me a message on league. Please do not add me without filling out an application, if you add me and ask to be on the team without filling out an application you will be denied. Please do NOT apply if you&#039;re a casual player. We have goals. Big emphasis on we. Positions: Support: Open ADC: Critshappen Mid : Open Top: Phynn Jungle: Neeble Top Sub : Eveththeotaku Mid Sub : Stiffishbags Jungle Sub : Support Sub: Ixi Wrath Adc Sub: Position(s) desired: Your availability (in EST): Time zone: Age: S6 / Current rank: Top 4 best played champions: Top Champion(s) you struggle against: Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
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