LF Mid, Top, and Jung, any rank

Alright, i'm obviously enough making a new team to play ranked 5s. We will take any rank but i have small requirements about the people i pick up. Were looking for people that are fun to play with and are looking for a long term team. Winning and enjoying each others company are equal objectives. The normal play time will be at about 11 P.M. EST every day, we understand that people work and go to school and do other things which is why we do this so late and we also don't expect to actually be able to play every day. Also you do need to be able to chat using curse. Also i would really prefer you post here so that i don't haft to spend the next 3 months cleaning my friends list but if you really want to add me then fine. Bellow post your: Name: Rank: Position wanted: Champs played: weaknesses: A good joke: Legit like anything else you wanna tell me: Still looking for a top and jung
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