Tired of Bronze (ADC for me)

Last season I was barely silver, this year I was placed in bronze 5. I know I'm going to sound like one of those "I don't deserve bronze" people but honestly I really think my max potential in this game isn't where I am now. My problem is I am a support main in bronze. I know you can technically "carry" yourself out even as support through utility but sometimes it is just not enough. I went from b5 to b2 in a couple of weeks and have been stuck in there ever since. I just recently dropped to b3 over the course of an unfortunate weekend. None of my friends main ADC so it's a pretty hard knock life down in bot lane. I'm not asking for a plat smurf to carry me, all I am looking for is a high bronze, low silver ADC in the same situation who just wants a good supp to have a good time with. My best supports are thresh, alistar, leona, tahm kench, and like long walks on the beach. I am currently practicing janna in norms. If anyone is interested, I have skype, curse, team speak, and discord. I can't wait to duo with you <3
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