Adult Players In Houston, TX

{{item:3174}} Looking for players in Houston or relative areas (within like an hour or two but if you're willing to meet up some where it doesn't matter ^^') {{item:2054}} My partner and I currently Silver and looking for players/people in the area to play with/meet up with! {{item:3680}} Preferably 21+ as my partner and I are both uninterested in baby sitting someone! {{item:3682}} Singles or couples doesn't matter just looking for fun new people that like gaming and socializing like we do (like drinks, coffee, dinner/lunches, movies, lazer tag, etc.)! {{item:3681}} Feel free to add me or my partner! {{item:2010}} Mâiden (22 Sup Main) or AthenasVendetta (27 Jungle Main) P.S. Slander will be instantly reported! Thank you! :)
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