Blue Otter Gaming LF Top/ADC/Support for serious ranked team! Gold/Plat!

Blue Otter Gaming is currently looking for a top, support, and adc. If you're interested, and your schedule works with us, then feel free to apply below. Also, we use TeamSpeak, which will be required. Practice: Undecided which days, but will be starting at 7PM Pacific (10PM Est) To apply simply reply to the following post: Your Age: Your Current Solo Queue Rank: Your Highest Solo Queue Rank: Your Champion pool (this means the champions that you main followed by the Champions you own) Your Greatest Weakness Any questions or concerns, please direct them to me, LC Deadly, and we look forward to hearing from you. Good luck summoners and have fun. Plz note that I will check if you really main it, and what specifically you main and if you play into the meta, and will personally ask and try you out for taking criticism, and team play in general.
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