Support (can fill easily enough) looking for Duo to climb some more before next season so placements will be a little easier. Comms optional. Don't be a douche Don't be a sore winner / loser Be able to fill. <--- required We won't always be able to get bot lane (assuming you're an adc) or w/e else. Be flexible. Thresh main. 60% win rate in almost 200 games with a 3+ KDA. Have good win rates on other champions I decide to sit down and really learn as well. Have winning record on almost every support champion as well. Add me in game if you wish. Or post on here. Looking for serious grinding. Slacked off and went for Gold too late in the season b/c I didn't like where the meta was. Still don't like it but I'm tired of being Silver. Gold in s3 and then quit playing the game. Came back - didn't like the game - waiting forever to climb (never bothered after placements in both seasons). Decided I'd like to get back to Gold. Just to be clear - Not looking for a carry or making excuses. I'll get Gold regardless, but solo Q is more fun when you play with others

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