NA 5 v 5 Ranked Team Looking For High Bronze-Silver/Gold Players

I am creating a 5 v 5 ranked team with the goal of having 5 players play 3-7 days a week to climb the ranks. Looking for serious to semi-serious players who don't rage and offer constructive criticism. Yes, this may be rare, but I believe there are 5 players with these qualities somewhere in the NA server. Practices and match times are open to discussion. We can use Team Speak, Curse, or Skype, any are fine and convenient. After-game discussions are beneficial and improve a team's synergy. These discussions will be utilized. Also, a team name will also be discussed. Please fill out this form if you are interested: IGN: Current Rank: Last Seasons Rank: Role Ladder: (For example: Mid>Support>Adc>Jungle>Top) Main Role: Do you Have a Mic?: Length of time played LoL (please use this link:
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