NA (Bronze-Silver) LF Top,Mid,and Adc. (Plat-Diamond) LF All Roles

We are Elvin Gaming. We are looking for people that mainly want to play in tournaments and want to try to get competitive team. So a little bit about me, I recently found this organization and they have two lower Elo teams that are trying to get more competitive. I'm a diamond player that thinks that I defiantly think that i could do something more with this organization. We are just starting out so we are just looking for people that want to make something from the ground up. All i have to ask is don't be toxic and we will get along. We are looking for people with decent skill nothing crazy. So if your bronze-silver just add me and we can definitely talk about doing some tryouts. 1.Summoner name 2.Rank 3.Role 4.Champs(No more 5) 5.Mic and Discord? 6.Play Times 7.Strong points 8.Weak points If you are interested just add me on league: marshmaii0w
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