[Team Exploding Goblins] LF Top laner for 5s/Tourny Team

Team Exploding Goblins is a casual team looking for a Top laner. The goal of the team is: Fun - above all else. If we aren't enjoying the time we spend in game the rest doesn't matter. Improving both Macro and Micro game. Our ADC and Jungler both have challenger mmr EXP in ranked 5s from previous season with Team Primordial. We are more than happy to help players looking to get better at the game. Participate in various tournaments as well as ranked 5s. That's pretty much it. It's a casual team for fun lead by an extremely experienced player PRIM Seawolf. He's been in many competitive tournaments / teams and is looking to just enjoy the game. What we are looking for: Easy going personality that gets along with the group. - this is the most important aspect. We would rather a chill bronze/silver player than an irritating jerk gold/plat. Base mechanical skill and champion pool for top lane - while we don't require high mechanical skill or rating, we want Top lane to at least be your focus. What you enjoy and want to improve at. Willingness to take criticism and have a drive to improve. Understand if Seawolf points something out to you, it's so you can fix it and get better. Not to be rude or anything like that! Have a working / clear mic and the ability to use Discord. Practice times are flexible and are currently TBD. Current Roster: Top: You! Jungle: PRIM Seawolf (D5) Mid: Killerofallgods (S1) ADC: Shotaro (Plat2) Support: Durpycolt (S4) Application: IGN Rank: Are you a Top main?: Age: Favorite champs at your role: Times available for tryout: Timezone: Tournament experience (if none that's ok!): Why you want to join the team: Why we should choose you: Something about yourself: Tryouts will be set up on a person by person basis. Contacts: Here Ingame - PRIM Seawolf **Please fill out an application BEFORE adding seawolf**
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