Looking for Top and a Jungle for flex team (Solo be Silver+ to mid Gold)

We are looking to put together a chill team of people who play the game regularly. Solo Q is a in itself challenge, but has some variables at times that are extremely frustrating i.e. afk'ers, feeders, trolls, tilters etc. Now with flex we can at least control our team so why not? This is not to say it won't be a challenge to climb. That's why I'm asking people to not be above mid Gold. The challenge is what makes this game appealing. We are not looking to get carried we just want a reliable team of players always getting the role they enjoy and know best. We will use discord. Idgaf about age sex, and or identification just be chill and be looking to get better and climb. AS said in the header we need a Jungle and a Top. Add Tarmin IV or SirHardTry. play some games see if you and the crew mesh and we'll go from there. If the Flex pops off tournys could be an option down the road.
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