[LowRollers] B5-S5 5s and 3s Serious Team LF Players and Coaches Committed to Learning or Teaching

**Recruiting Silver Team Captain! Apply below!** **Who Are We?** We are a new team of unskilled players committed to teamwork and cooperation with an absolute zero tolerance policy for raging, especially at your teammates. We were brought together just days ago as a semi-serious team of players just looking for people to play with, but are transforming into a team dedicated to supporting one another in our journey through divisions. It is apparent that improvement does not come without teamwork. Whether in Bronze V or I players who are inactive, insubordinate or incapable of working as a team will be removed and make way for more players. As more people apply we will continue to create more and more teams. **What We Do** As of right now, we enjoy talking on Curse Voice as we play games of league casually. When we play ranked we take it seriously, but we have a lighter side. When we have not chosen a date for ranked play we often do not have five people online at once and play threes or duo queue. During such times we have no set-in-stone roles and generally just play to have fun and explore different champions and strategies. We are not a professional team and certainly are not trying to mimic one. **What We Want to Accomplish** We have one aim: to improve. This aim manifests itself in the form of a goal: gaining promotion (in due time of course). Our primary focus is our ranked fives teams, but we would like to improve in threes and in our solo/duo queue ranks as well. As a team we are helping each other improve in all facets of the game. If possible we would like everyone to learn a variety of roles; although not everyone can play fives at the same time, because of scheduling and other unpredictable factors, it is important to us that we include everyone. No preferences will be given to any player on the team regardless of skill or time spent on team. **What We Are Looking For** We are looking for players who are flexible, committed and friendly in bronze or silver for each respective team. We are not necessarily looking for people with 16 hours of free time every day, or who are available seven days a week. We are looking for players who will communicate with the team their availability and play during scheduled ranked play whenever available. We do no care whether you are in bronze V or I, as long as you intend to improve. If what you have read about our team is aligns with your interests and goals then we would love to have you. As for coaches, we are not too picky at all and do not expect very much, however in order to be a coach we believe a solo queue ranking of gold or higher should be required, to ensure you can provide sufficient reliable advice. Ideally we would like you to play with us every week and critique the players in any role, but if you would only like to do it once a month, then we would still be grateful to have you. If you are not a shot-caller and would rather critique a specific player in a role you are familiar with, that would be appreciated as well. We will work around YOUR availability and will take all your advice without question. We are not looking for the most charismatic, well spoken coach, just a coach who is willing to give us a helping hand. Due to demand for a silver team, we are starting one. If you in silver and serious then we'd like to hear from you. You do not need to have a wide open schedule, but a lot of activity is expected, more than bronze. We're currently recruiting all roles so feel free to apply. We are really excited to be adding a silver team and can't wait to have you. **How to Join as a Player or Coach** Post your application in this thread. Same application will be used for coaches. All players and coaches will be officially accepted after talking on Curse with myself. What you are applying for: (Bronze, silver, coach or silver team captain, include lane pref if joining silver) Age: In Game Name: Curse Voice Username: Solo/Duo Queue Division: 5 Champion Roles Ordered by Preference: (ex. Tryndamere - Top > Garen - Top > Tryndamere - Jungle > Amumu - Jungle > Varus - ADC) **Team Captains: VincentJG (Bronze) uTbxCookies (Bronze) **
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