Looking for higher ranked player(s) to play norms with. Plat+

A little about me; I am 26 yrs old, father of 3, and I have been playing LoL for 5 years now. So far the last 3 seasons I have finished in silver, 2 seasons ago I was literally 2 LP away from gold promos that could have gotten me the Victorious Morgana skin which has pretty much been my main in the mid lane for almost my whole league career (needless to say I was incredibly sad about it). Though I have all champs but 4 unlocked so far I have pretty much dabbled in playing everything so I have learned pretty much all of the basics for most champions and roles. I mostly just main mid Lux/Morgana but favor any AP mid laner especially glass canon types and I can play pretty much all supports pretty well. I feel personally (dare I say) that my skill is actually better than where I usually sit in ranked though not that much better to consider my self anything more than maybe gold/low plat. The point of me wanting to find someone of a higher rank to play with is so that I can experience playing games with enemy teams having a higher chance of being more skilled because the best way to get better is to battle someone better than you. Plus I may even learn a few new things that a majority of people around my level or lower don't know. That all being said I would just like to find someone who's pretty chill and mature around my age preferably, would have the patience to play norms with me, and help me get better. I pretty much play all the time in the afternoon hours (Central Time here), I rarely rage btw and I usually just keep it to my self anyways. I occasionally play other games too like R6 Siege, GW2, Stellaris, and on super rare occasions a wipe cycle or two of Rust (Very good at that btw and I have a very successful group on there). Not interested in players Gold or lower, I have plenty of those friends no offense. Just add me in game if you want or comment below and I'll reach out to you.

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