Team Eminent Looking For Starting ADC [Gold][Funded][Competitive Team][Tournament Team][READ]

This is team will be funded to do tournaments. Our Team Twitter We need serious players that take each game serious. Name change may be required about a month into being on the team. We Are the ages 16-19 as of right now Looking For A Active Daily AD Carry. Please Be Between Ranks Gold 5 - Plat 3 Due to the skill gaps we don't want to get solo carried by someone higher than what we actually are Fill this out and I will look at you. (DO NOT ADD ME ON LOL CLIENT I WILL NOT ACCEPT!) IGN: Role: Age: Champion pool(Top 5): What can you bring to the team?: Why are you looking for a team?: Rank: Time zone: What times are you able to play from(est): Are you willing to be a sub: Proper English?: Do you tilt?: Do You have a Twitter?

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