Diamond + team looking for Jungle main and Ad Carry. TRYOUTS ARE GOING ON RIGHT NOW

o preface, you must be P5+ in Flex, or very close to P5, as some of our players are Diamond in flex. Edit: This means it is impossible to do 5's with us if you're below Plat in flex. If you're tired of teams that are inconsistent, whimsically managed, and that inevitably go no where, then help us create one that's different! We're looking for motivated players, who would like to improve in a team environment with the ultimate goal of climbing the ladder and participating in tournaments. If you can't keep a cool head and be a team player, turn the other way. We are currently in need of an Jungler and ADC. Tryouts will be held tonight at around 9:30pm EST, and potentially on Monday or Tuesday if we have a lot of applicants. Other roles also feel free to apply. You will be considered for a future sister team. Our team typically plays between the hours of 9pm EST and 3am EST each night. We don't have set days or off-days, however we communicate through Discord whether practice can be made each night. If someone can't make it, we will usually find a sub, so this essentially means we play every night. If you're not willing to really commit, please don't waste our time or yours! Current Roster: Top: Zatron Jungle: Mid: Lvl 1 Bidoof ADC: Support: Laetabilis To Apply: IGN: Rank (Solo and Flex): Role: Timezone: Best Champs: Strengths as a player: Weaknesses as a player: opgg link: I won't be accepting friend requests unless you've applied here, so do that first.
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