Bot Lane Duo Looking to Create New Gold+ Team

Hello All, We are a bot lane duo both currently Gold 2 and are looking to create a team, so we will need a jungler, top, and mid. We play almost every night at 9pm Central to at least 11pm central and longer on weekends. We are also looking for an adept Shot caller who can organize team in macro play and direct team fights which is essential to the game. Gold 5 and up are welcome to apply. Please be able to communicate both in game and out if your not able to make it that night. We will be trying out a few folks at a time to see how we fit together. To try out please do not friend request me just leave the info below in your comment. Thank you all and hope to hear from you. No ragers plz. IGN: Rank: Role: Top 5 Champs: Availability for times stated: Experience in team environment: Strengths: Curse Voice?: Comments:
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