Team lf jungler

Our ranked team is in the final stages of forming, we have found people for four out of the five roles, and are only missing a jungler now. We are a silver-gold team, top and mid are silver, adc and support are gold. We play daily and are looking to make this as serious as possible. Do not add if you are not looking for a serious team and are willing to put in the time in takes to get better. We will be playing weekly, from 7pm est to midnight. No days are set right now, as we want every member to have a say. Weekends will be for scrims, tournaments, lcs watching and analyzing our games from the week. We will be using discord, so have a working mic with minimal back ground noise. We are a very close talkative team, looking for someone who shares our level of communication. If you can not take a joke or are quiet and shy this might not be the team for you. we are looking for hard working dedicated people who want to do something real in this game, but are fun and chill to hang out with. We are not just building a team, but a brotherhood, a group that gets along and kicks ass. If you are interested in trying out for the jungle spot add Soulz0 in game. Be prepared to play tonight.
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