LF Jungler for serious 5s Silver-Gold team

_**Now currently looking for a jungler only**_ _**Please read the WHOLE post before commenting**_ _**This is a serious post, please don't respond if you're not serious about this**_ Hi I'm currently recruiting for a Silver-Gold competitive 5s team and so far our roster has been filled out except for a jungle, so keep reading if this is something that interests you as a jungler or even as a sub for the team. As a team I believe that improving is above all else. It does not matter if you win or lose, as long as we can learn from it. That being said I'm looking to improve as much as possible in the coming weeks and to start playing in tournaments. We will at some point have a coach for this team as well. Things I expect you to know/are willing to learn as we progress as a team: -Strong match up knowledge. -Know how to control vision. -How to take objectives and not just go for kills. -Be very direct and confident in your play. If you think this is the team for you, go Ahead and fill out the application below Application: IGN: Age: Current Rank: Position desired: Top 4 Champs: Whats your biggest strength: What is a weakness you have: What do you plan to do if you make the team? Thank you for applying! I will add you in game if you make it to the tryout stage. See you on the rift! Do not add me in game, I will add you when I get around to it, as this is for serious people only, I will be stopping tryouts when I find someone suitable, so if I add you and you do not add me back in time I will be moving on _Note:_ -Must have discord -Must be dedicated and ready to commit to 5 day practice weeks -Raging is fine here and there, but remember you'll be part of a team, be ready to stick it out with your team for the whole ride -Always bear in mind that no one on the team will ever be perfect and that we all make mistakes -We will start with building as a team in dynamic and climbing the ranks, then we will get into tournaments and work towards the pro level -Practice times are from **1700-2100 PST Mon.-Fri.**
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