LF 5's team ( gold 3 player )

Axeoth - 소환사 검색 결과 :: 리그오브레전드 ( LOL : 롤 ) 전적 검색 (LOL Stats)
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ended last season at gold 1 ( 90 ish LP ) Just getting back into this season Currently have a 60% win rate in Solo que ranked 5 http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=axeoth My goal is to hit at least Plat 5 in either Solo's or 5's, So i have some growth in skill shown at least. Roles from worst to best Top Support Adc / Mid Jungle Willing to fill Timezone : EST Work from noon to 11pm Monday / wensday-friday Feel free to HMU on here , or in game , IGN Axeoth Willing to use Voice chat Prefer Teamspeak as for my nicer sounding mic only works with TS, and i always worry my other mic sounds terrible even though people say its ok.

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