LF Supp for 5's

I'm looking for serious players for a ranked team, were here to climb but also have a good time doing it. Curse is the preferred method of chat. Practice times will be 8 PM-12 AM (EST) every day but i understand people have jobs and school and stuff so we can work things out around you if needed. Odds are that we don't play every day because people do stuff, they got plans and all that I very heavily prefer that the position you try out for is your main, but i'm not against taking someone for a position they don't main if the perform well. Any rank is welcome Bellow post your IGN: Rank: Best Champs: Strengths: Weaknesses: Time Zone: Age: Have you been on a team before: Something else, want to tell me anything? Make me smile, draw a pic of a duck: Or if you don't want to do that add me IGN: llllfallenllll But i will look here before i take friend requests Have a Great Day
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