[NSG] Looking for more players to make a serious late night ranked team.

I myself will take on the role of Mid or Adc depends what's better for the team. I am currently looking for all roles. we will be a late night team where we will be playing from 12:00 AM - whenever Communication is Key to success in-game and out of game. Will need to know schedual's so I can set everyone up for practice those nights. If you're interested in joining Northern Storm Gaming, just give me a shout on the forum post below or add me in-game. (NHG IFuqqedASheep) Only recruiting Gold+ players, the first sight of Flaming or raging it will not be tollerated. Will not also like if people are joining the team just to get rewards I want to actually climb with this team. ive been playing on too many teams that break up just because the promos were shit. So.. at that I need to know from you is. Age: Pref Role: Strengths: Weaknesses: Additional Info: Why you want to join the team: What do you think you can bring to this team: Thanks for your time and patience
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