Silver V ADC LF Steady Support

The one issue I seem to have over and over again is ending up with Lux/Syndra/Zilean type supports. I am looking for a support that can play engage/peel/disengage type supports and is ready to make moves and progress through Silver. I am not completely new to ADC but I did just start completely focusing on it about 2 weeks ago. I am looking for a support that can 1. Play from 3pm Est - 12pm Est.. I can play later of course but that is my general availability. 2. That can play multiple supports the more peel the better and 3. That can shrug off bad games/losses/dealing with feeders. I am a Plat support so I can coach you on a few things. I would like to use comms if we end up having good synergy so pls have a mic. Of course I am done for the night but feel free to post here or add me in game and I will get back to you tomorrow. Good Luck fellas.
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