Serious 5's team recruiting silver+ Mid

NOW ALSO RECRUITING FOR JUNGLE Thank you for stopping in. This thread might look familiar to some people, and we had some roster swaps, so what we're looking for is now changed. I am Gosleepbaby and I am creating a team in hopes of creating an environment where people can improve and feed off of each other in a positive way. I have created multiple 5's teams in the past. Most of which were extremely successful, the longest of which lasted just under 2 years and everyone on the team saw a ton of improvement. What I am looking for is dedicated players with good attitudes. I don't need anyone on the team that can't take a loss, or rages if they do badly. We can always take more away from a loss than a win. I like to keep things organized, and will provide any tools in my power to help the team improve. I have a teamspeak server that is used by the community and we will be using that. In order to join the team you have to have a working mic and be ok with using teamspeak. We do have coaches in this community that are all high Plat or higher. Most of which are willing to help out the team and players individually should you want it. The practice schedule is 6pm-9pm PST Mon-Thurs. There is also a 'community meeting' every sunday that is just a short little meet and greet where you can meet people form other teams that is optional. What the roster looks like: Top: TBD Jungle: TBD Mid: TBD ADC: Gosleepbaby Support: Smeagols If this sounds like something you're interested in. Please add me in game. Thank you. IGN: Gosleepbaby
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