Competitive Team Looking for Mid and Jungle (Gold+) (TRYOUTS TONIGHT)

Hello All! Team is TBA, but we are looking for Mid laners and Junglers! I don't care about your previous scores, I care about your attitude and your game sense. You can mold the bad scores to good scores, you can mold a toxic attitude. I would love to hear from you all! Team Objective: I'm looking to push this team to the top eventually, maybe not now, a few months down the road I am. I want whoever applies to be as competitive as I am. I have big things in store for this team. Our team captains experience; (Mister Coach): Has played competitive Season 2. He played on a diamond team that competed in the ESL Amateur Series and made it playoff finals without losing a game. Roster: Top: Rudeboy42zero Jungle: Langdang Mid: Open Adc: Mister Coach Support: Blackmint Anyways, Fill this application out and add us on league @ Mister Coach or Rudeboy42zero! Age: Rank: Role: Availability: Preferred Communication: Strengths: Weaknesses: Why should I bring you on? Thanks guys! We look forward to hearing from all of you!
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