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Hello everyone, After finally getting our player roster set, we're now looking for a new coach. Our team captain utilizes lolreplay to record all of the practice matches, as well as our soon to be scrims when we start into those, and we'll be looking to set up a time slot to go over them in addition to our practice days, which are below are below. Tuesday; 5:30-8:30PM EST Thursday; 5:30-8:30PM EST Friday 7-10PM EST Sunday 1-4PM EST It would probably be optimal if you were available on those time blocks, and have some more availability that you could give us as well to go over the videos. We'll see how that unfolds as we move forward. Ideally we're looking for players who are ranked in Diamond for coaches, but we'd talk to high platinum players as well. Most of our players are ranked between high silver and mid to high gold, so that gives enough of a skill differential to offer consistent solid advice for our players advancement. We have aspirations for tournament play and would like to start that as soon as possible, I think aiming to start enrolling in tournaments by the end of next month is a pretty solid goal, maybe sooner if the team feels comfortable with it. We primarily use Skype as it's easiest for everyone on the team and we are requiring the voice communications as it's just easier to convey a point that way. So below just post your rank for the current season as well as last season, because we're curious, and tell us a bit about yourself, including what you can bring to the team. You're more than welcome to add me directly after you've posted below, you can also add our team captain ScaryKillerN if you'd like.
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