Gold Ranked Team LF 2 More

Hello friends, Myself and two other people were looking to make a Ranked 5s team. Right now we have an ADC, Support and Mid laner. Looking for a master top laner like OMG Gogoing and a SSW Dandy level jungler. Just kidding. We do need a jungler and top though haha. We are all Gold so it would be cool if we could find two people for those roles in Gold as well. Mostly want to make this team to get better at the game outside of SoloQ (we all know how frustrating that can be) and just have fun. So pretty chill team with an emphasis on improving. I guess I'll link the of the 3 of us so far below. Message "Carry Syndrome" if you're interested. Support - Mid - ADC- I <3 you all. Good luck with ranking up end of season. Edit: I feel like the title makes it sound like we are already Gold in Ranked 5s. We are not just to clear that up. This would be a brand new team. We just want 2 more people to get it started. :D

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