Late Night ONE FOR ALL & ARAM - Starting @ 9:30 EST

[**★ Community Website ★**]( [**★ Click Here - Tournament Registration ★**]( >>** After you register join our Teamspeak and Check In. ** >>**_TeamSpeak Connect: or ts.evgtournaments.com_ ** **Evolution Gaming Tournaments** caters to the League of Legends community by providing free tournaments for players of all ages. League of Legends is a free to play PC game developed by Riot Games, and it is the year of 2015s most played video game in the world. Hundreds of people from across the world join our tournaments daily to enjoy the competitive atmosphere and have a chance to win prizes provided by Riot Games. Evolution Gaming is hosting a One For All andARAM Tournament starting @ 9:30 EST. Connect to our TeamSpeak and we will register you when you get online.

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