God's Warriors is looking for a Jungler!

God's Warriors like the title says is looking for a Jungler we're a team that works hard and is looking for serious players to climb only. If you have aspirations to get to Diamond and attempt to compete in the LCS then add GW HolyMan Requirements: -Gold+ -Working Mic/Headset(no super extraneous noises that will bother the team) -Speak English -Positive and serious attitude -Willingness to grow and get better as a team -Strong Champion Pool -A way to communicate outside of practice (kik messenger, skype, email, text, etc.) -Commitment, show up to practice and be able to communicate if issues arise and you cannot make it Once we have enough applicants we will do a full or three of tryouts, until then add us! If these all fit you, feel free to apply: IGN: Age: Role: Rank: 5s Experience?: Are you willing to listen to staff(Coach, Analyst, Manager etc.)?: Top 3-5 Champs?: Strengths?: Weaknesses?: Teamspeak?: Timezone?: Please do not add us without applying we will not accept!
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