Mid main looking for a DEDICATED LONG LASTING team!

I am a 26yr old stay at home father of 3. I am free just about every afternoon after 1:30pm (Central Time). I have experience playing in teams, I can communicate very well, never rage, and generally a very good sport. I would primarily like to be part of a team of folks around my age. I have been playing for 5 years now, I have always finished in S3-S1 in solo/duo ranked. I have always been playing mostly alone as the teams I have been a part of always fall apart. I never really took ranked that seriously since I have been alone but I have always wanted to be part of a major team (or rather be part of one that becomes a major team). I'd say I am pretty damn good at my role especially with a coordinate team. I mostly play mages but my most played are Morgana and Lux. I have really good map awareness, roaming, warding, dabbled in shot calling, and I can fill all roles and own all champs except Yasuo and Draven for now. My current match history is a little mixed up with solo ranked, ranked teams, and occasional ARAMS. I can do scheduled training times and use any voice chat except skype. Add me in game or comment below if interested!
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