Platinum Support looking to set up team for Ranked 5s

As title states, I'm looking to set up a team for the scheduled Ranked 5s. I intend to take this seriously in a sense where we act as a team and work to help each other improve, so that we all can climb and become better players together. I would like to stick to the Platinum elo for all teammates, so please only respond if you are currently plat. Currently need all roles except for support. When the Ranked 5's window is active, I would like for us all to play during that time, and to continue playing in Dynamic Queue as a form of scrims to continue improvement. What I would like from each player is willingness to accept criticism from others, the ability to adapt to changes in the meta, be willing to communicate in and out of game, and to have a known time schedule so we can all know when to expect each other to be playing. Put your IGN, Rank, and Role down below please and I'll add you.

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