Becoming a JG main? HELP WANTED

I just recently got promoted to S5 I know right I'm still trash but I've been spamming Olaf and I have played 133 games in jungle with him and have a 62% win rate. Should I just keep playing him or focus on learning a new champ? I have a couple champs I'm decent with (Elise, Khaz, VI) trying to learn Skarner but here is my next question. How much farm should I be getting I know it varies because of ganking and what not but is there a goal number I should be looking at getting? Also if anyone has any tips on how I can become a better JG (Without recommending me YouTube videos chances are "IVE SEENT IT") Please help :) Oh and if you guys have any thoughts on what champions I should play and what secondary role i should do I'd appreciate your thoughts
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