LF Duo for new Season.

Gold 3 last season (made Gold post season / have screenshot to verify) LF duo for new season. Can fill. As I am sure you are all away, placements have become a veritable cesspool. I made the error of braving this cesspool alone. The previous 2 days I had an average W/L of around 20/3 but I went into placements ... and well ... it didn't go well. Needless to say, I got thrown into Silver. Want to get back into Gold (minimum) ASAP so I can relax and cruise my way through the ranks. Having a DuoQ / Dynamic Queue group makes this much more enjoyable. Requirements - <--- I mean that loosely Sense of humor Not afraid to lose Not afraid to break meta in order to win No raging Be flexible in your roles Comms optional - I prefer to use Curse Voice. I don't have any others even downloaded. Feel free to add me in game - Winters Defiance A little about me - Thresh main since release. S5 over 200games with 60% win rate. Recently picked up Ali. More or less a Support main and can play nearly all of them well enough. If I fill I like to fill top lane or mid lane and play Zed / Yasuo / Shen. Willing and able to pick up other champs.
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