Bronze LF Active/Positive Attitude Duo/Flex to improve with

I am LF a duo in their mid 20s You don't have to be a good player since bronze is filled with emotionally unstable people. The plan is to use positive reinforcement to boost team morale to encourage and inspire our allies to their max potential. We will improve together throughout the season a microphone will be a requirement. I own all champs and play all roles we wont focus on LP gain as much as improving mechanics as a team and we can see how far we get. UPDATE I gave solo queue a go it was extremely difficult. i am not the best player but I know trying to be a 1 vs 5 hero as yasuo in a 55 minute game is not the way to win. We had a window but teammates refuse to listen and do heroic team deathmatch tactics. A duo will give me this edge to win. I don't know why you would go for kills with full build instead of baron and ending the game!! keep in mind my friend list is full so if you want to add me reply here 1st.
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