Serious team looking for dedicated support player.

Hey everyone, I'm currently a silver 2 AD main, and I've been attempting to find a team for a team that meets my idea of a serious team for awhile. That's proven to be hard around this elo, and so I've decided to go ahead and start a team myself. I'm looking to find players that have the drive to improve. Specifically players who feel they have a firm grasp on their role from builds, to matchups, to mechanics; but feel they are lacking in the strategic parts of league... I am looking at you. If you are at least a high silver player that isn't satisfied with your elo, and want to get better, then this is the team for you. Top - Enchatin Jungle - Skylit Mid - Available ADC - Dolche93 Support - Available Here's a bit about how the team will work once the roster is decided. * Daily practice Monday - Friday 6/7 EST to 10/11 EST * Possible team play on weekends, otherwise Soloq is the name of the game for Saturday/Sunday. * Analyzing replays of past games, and taking that information into future games. The overall goal of the team is to get a group of people together to help each other improve, and have a good time while doing so. So, if you are 18+, can meet the practice times daily, and are looking for something long term, please fill out this app and add me in game at **Dolche93**. IGN: Age: Role: Top 3 champions: Season 4 rank: Season 5 rank: Strengths: Weaknesses: Do you have any prior ranked 5's experience? Would you have any issues with the schedule?
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