Dimethyltryptamine Is Recruiting For Amateur LCS League Plat-D3

True Minded Gaming
The True Minded Gaming Champions Series consists of 12 teams. Matches are played in a Best-of-2 format. Every team plays in one match a weekend, for a total of 6 matches. The schedule for the weekend is finalized on Wednesday at 11:59pm EST. All games will be streamed with experienced casters on our Twitch channel.
These are the things i expect of everyone, so if you can not meet it please do not apply. -Make Mandatory Practices Mon/Tue/Thurs 8pm-11pm Central Time(might have practice on weekend days that our game doesn't fall on and other days if we all on) (This is the time i have set for now can be changed to accomadate the starting lineup) -Games on Fri/Sat/Sun depending on the scheduling that week -No One Trick Ponies, and Main your Lane -No Toxicity, We Win as a TEAM and Lose as a TEAM(constructive criticism is Preferred) IGN: Role: Rank: Timezone: Comfortable Shotcalling(preferably Jg/Sup) : How Often Do You Play: Starter/Sub: Prefer Plat-D3 But Tryout will matter more then Rank. Do not add me this is my smurf.
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