Azuline Gaming [AZG] looking for casual friends to play normals! **_I'd rather have fun and lose than get aggravated and win_** We are all familiar with how toxic some _normal_ games are and we all know that people care a little bit too much about winning. When we think of League we think about how the stereotypical player is often toxic and harmful. AZG disagrees-- being the most played game in the world means _you have a vast and diverse selection of communities_ within the game. They range from the casual couple with kids, the college student with full units and a part-time job, and, even more familiar, the gamer who just loves to enjoy the game without the needless negativity. Unfortunately, through competitive nature, this all gets drowned out and _people forget how to treat their neighbor._ AZG wants to gather a group of people that want to come home after a long day and queue up with other friendly people that won't stress them out because they've got shit going on already. AZG is a community that focuses _deeply in supporting each other on and off the game._ Expect a tight knit group and expect toxic behavior to be punished severely in AZG. Now let me ask if you've heard / experienced these things: “Uninstall. Kill yourself.” (This is seriously not okay.) “You're so bad that if you AFKed right now we would actually do better.” “I'm AFK you deserve this loss.” “WTF you’re only level 10?! GG 4v5.” "Are you fucking stupid? Just /ff at 20, it's over." I could go on. If you’re familiar and sick to the gut with all this negativity then I urge you to join Azuline Gaming. * People who are looking to make new friends. * If you are new to League and want a better introduction to the game while meeting new people. * People who don't mind playing with a diverse group of ranks from Level 1 - Masters. * Anyone who wants to play the game regardless if they win or lose! It's all for fun! * [**Anime Club**]( Mondays and Tuesdays 8pm PST * **Dungeons and Dragons ** Wednesdays 7pm PST * **LoL Coaches** Plat 2+ here to help you! * **Championship Tournaments** Saturday 5pm PST * **League of Legends Weekly Events** New game mode every Friday! * **Vanilla MC Server with Plugins** New event every week! * **LoL Clubs!** We have 4 active and social clubs! * **Drunk Nights** Yeah... this is always interesting. Game night or League! **We don't have age, mic, or level requirements. If you are looking for Prized Tournaments or Serious Ranked play this is NOT the place for you.** Join our TeamSpeak: Peak hours: 5pm - 8pm PST If you don't want to go through TeamSpeak you can apply on our website:
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