Team Miss Clicks is recruiting for TOP and ADC for gold level LCS style/flex team! (Established)

Hey everyone, This is an established serious team for LCS style leagues and ranked teams. We need to replace these positions becuse people show up late or not at all consistantly. Anyway, I believe LoL is best played on a team of 5 and i am looking for MATURE players who will dedicate just 2 days a week to play as a team. As a busy guy, i cant play all day every day but when i do i really enjoy team play. That being said, if you will be missing practices, tilting, cant take criticism, crowd the coms with irrelevant info, or any other immaturity, please dont apply. i cannot stress meaningful communication and maturity enough. The ultimate goal is to have a consitent team that can grow next season to compete in LCS style leagues. I want players who, win or lose, like to learn and get better. The best way to do this is simply stay positive, address mistakes constrctively, and keep our heads up. I have a lot of past team experience and people get so negative or tilt or dont show up to things and we cannot grow in that environment. i also seek gold players because we will all be around the same skill level and that is best for a consistent team. Please answer the following: IGN: Solo Rank last season: Time Zone: 1 Main role that youre applying for: Top 5 champs: Past team exp: Why did your past team not work out (if applicable)? what will you contribute if accepted? What are your personal goals in league? Best strength: Greatest Wekness: Play style: Please answer honestly so i can try to get a sense of who you are as a player. I will be holding try outs for both positions. practices are ongoing. Thank you all for your time and i hope to hear from those who are serious about playing on a team. These practice times are mandatory (not asking for much). Please dont add me in game. i will add you=) Practice times: Mondays 430 pm-730 pm Tuesdays 7-10pm EST Weekends we will have leagues or scrims but that will be discussed Thanks!
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