New Gold & Under Team Looking for Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC

Hey OGZ! Are you looking for a ranked 5's team? Are you ranked Bronze V - Gold I (Season 5)? Are you interested in playing in Season 2 of the OGZ Gold OLS? (Season 2 will start mid June!) IF you answered YES to all of these questions then this post is for you! I will be selecting players for tryouts based on their applications and ranked stats. So this is a SELECTIVE tryout. Not all players will be given a tryout. This team will be a competitive ranked 5's team, practicing 2-3 times/week (or more if desired). This team will also consist of players who are dedicated and willing to work with the rest of the team on improving and ranking up. Players will be picked based on skill and attitude during tryouts, no special exceptions for anyone. I will be the Manager/Coach of this team so I will be making sure this team is organized and is always progressing. Tryouts will be discussed at a later time. Requirements: 1. No trolls/BM 2. Good game knowledge. 3. Have decent mic and be active in Teamspeak. 4. Must be open to criticism. 5. Willing to Learn. 6. Must be Mature. 7. Decent Champion pool (5+). 8. Must have a stable time schedule 9. Must be Bronze V - Gold I (Season 4 and 5) Please Fill Out This Form Below Application~ IGN: Current League/ELO: Main role: Champion pool: Have mic and teamspeak: Time zone and availability: Willing to shot call? Contact information: Best word to describe you: Biggest Weakness in game: Biggest Weakness out of game:
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