LFG, Help me out of this elo hell :( ADC/Mid/Top

So, to start this off ill say im stuck in ELO hell. Ive never seen a first time malzahar go into a match say "Dont worry no smite on purpose" then go 0/13/5, but i hadnt played ranked before. My first time ranked i was placed Silver V. Then i got uncarriable games and this time i got B5 and i cant get out. Im looking for a team to play with, I can play ADC, Top and Mid. I can play pretty much whoever you want with some time to learn them and ive played on the same level with Plat players before and done alright. I wont say im the best but i will try my best to make a good place on your team <3. I have pretty much every voice chat they have out there, i can play pretty much any day of the week at anytime and i dont really have a main since i tend to skip around a lot to learn everyone. I hope ive answered any questions, if not feel free to ask! Ill be around.
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